How we work


We collaborate closely with you to gain insight and understanding of the problem you’re are trying to solve, investigate end-user needs and behaviours, outline development plans and define metrics for success.


We are specialists in quickly creating simple, intuative designs and experiances. Sketches are converted into digital designs for prototyping and engaging potential users, investors and stakeholders.


Using interactive clickable prototypes we experiment with real users to help identify and prioritise which features to develop. If your solution includes hardware we research, test and prototype it using a rudimentry cloud setup.

MVP + Deployment + Support

Once experiments validate your app can solve a problem and that value can be created, we estimate, plan and develop the remaining server side of your application and deploy your mvp on scaleable Firebase or custom server infrastructure (together with any cloud conncted hardware). You are then ready to log into your app.

Typical Project Phases

Phase 1

Understand & Analyse




Completed by (av.):

Week 3

Researching the problem to be solved and bringing your designs to life through design.

Phase 2

Explore & Learn


UI/UX Designs

HW + SW Prototyping

Completed by (av.):

Week 6

Presenting to and engaging with users, partners and stakeholders to gain feedback.

Phase 3

Build & deploy



Support + Analytics

Completed by (av.):

Week 14

Building out the app, deploying, testing, gaining more feedback...& repeating.

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TEL: +351 915962510

Address: IdeaHub, Av. D.Joao II, No 35, Iso 11, 1990-083, Lisboa, Portugal


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